Professionals' Comments on Delivered Unto Lions
'This book is gripping as a narrative but also contains very important information regarding the reality of children's psychiatric "care" at this time. My hope is that care services will learn from this novel the true effects these kinds of (often well meaning) treatments can have on the adults who grow up from these experiences and endeavour to continue developing more caring, empathic services. A "must read" for all workers in child psychiatric services.'
   Emily Gajewski
   Occupational Therapist and
   Human Givens Psychotherapist.

'David Austin writes beautifully and with authenticity.'
   Dr Claire Benedek
   M.B.B.S, M.R.C.Psych

'Gripping, well written and full of surprises.'
   Susan Negus
   Registered General Nurse

'It really makes you think about what went on and how different it is now – hopefully.'
   Elaine Price-Bates
   Special Educational Needs Teacher

Readers' Comments on Delivered Unto Lions
'A truly remarkable book.'
   Joyce Passmore – Author, The Light in My Mind reviewer
   5 stars

'An authentic picture of powerlessness.'
   Richard Marler
   Littlehampton QM Book Club

'Moving and compelling.'
   Top 50 reviewer
   5 stars

'This is essential reading and should be on the GCSE syllabus.'
   Hannah 'Banana'
   4 stars

'Truly unputdownable.'
   Hannah23 reviewer
   5 stars

'I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in mental health issues.'
   Barking Badger reviewer
   4 stars

'Will activate each and every emotion of each and every reader.'
   marilyn reviewer
   5 stars

'Thought provoking and moving.'
   StudentNurse 'katieshaz' reviewer
   5 stars

'Beautifully written, despite the terrible story it tells.'
   KathyD reviewer
   5 stars

'A must read.'
   Mrs K. Sturmey reviewer
   5 stars

'A must for all involved in child psychiatry.'
   Tworth reviewer
   5 stars
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