David Austin is the author of the well-received novel Delivered Unto Lions. Closely based on experience and observation, this novel follows the eventful story of an adolescent subdued within a children's mental health unit in the 1970s.
“A ‘must read’ for all workers in
child psychiatric services.”

-- Emily Gajewski, Occupational Therapist and Human Givens Psychotherapist

“David Austin writes beautifully
and with authenticity.”

-- Dr Claire Benedek, M.B.B.S, M.R.C.Psych

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Book Description

Daniel Kinsley is a child growing up in the 1970s. Suffering with depression he is admitted to Oakdale Children's Unit. Once a relatively ordinary schoolboy, he is now a mental patient surrounded by a cacophony of violent behaviour, eating disorders and self-harm. He cannot comprehend the world he has entered, a world made worse by unsympathetic nursing staff, the controlling use of psychoactive drugs, and the aggression of older children. How will he navigate his way through this experience? Can he ever reclaim his place in the outside world of normality?

Based on personal experience of the former Merrifield Children's Unit at Tone Vale Hospital in Somerset, Delivered Unto Lions is a subjective but faithful representation of children's psychiatric care in the 1970s.

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